《双双中文教材》是一套专门为海外学生编写的中文教材,适用于有一定中文背景的青少年学生(周末中文班使用)。 教材是由美国加州王双双老师和中国专家学者共同努力,在海外八年的教学实践中编写出来的。全书共20册,课程设置为九年,识字量2500个, 包括了从识字、拼音、句型、短文的学习,到初步的较系统的中国文化的学习。教材大体介绍了中国地理、历史、哲学等中国文化的丰富内容。 课本知识面广,趣味性强,深入浅出,易教易学。


Introduction to Chinese Textbook

"Shuangshuang Chinese Textbook" is a set of Chinese textbooks specially designed for overseas students, suitable for teenagers with a certain Chinese background (used in weekend Chinese classes). The textbook was jointly developed by Ms. Shuangshuang Wang from California, USA, and Chinese expert scholars, based on eight years of teaching practice abroad. The complete set consists of 20 volumes, covering a nine-year curriculum with a vocabulary of 2500 characters. It includes learning from character recognition, Pinyin, sentence patterns, and short essays, to the preliminary systematic study of Chinese culture. The textbook provides an overview of rich content in Chinese geography, history, philosophy, and other aspects of Chinese culture. The knowledge in the textbooks is broad, engaging, easy to understand, and easy to teach.

The guiding principle behind the textbook's development is to synchronize the learning of Chinese characters with the study of Chinese culture, cultivating students who are proficient in Chinese language and have a good understanding of Chinese culture.

Introduction to Math Textbook

Dimensions Math® PK–5 is a flagship Singapore Math® curriculum. It epitomizes what educators and students love about the Singapore math method.

Written by a team of educators and experts with more than 100 years of combined classroom experience, it is a rigorous and engaging curriculum that provides a deep elementary math foundation. The price of the series reflects our belief that an excellent math education should be accessible to all.