Ruyee Teens Connect

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


Ruyee Teens Connect is the youth council of the Ruyee Chinese School, providing opportunities for teenagers to cultivate their desire to serve the society and to build their leadership skills by developing and participating in various activities.

Teens Connect recruits members from nearby neighborhoods and organizes activities, contests, and workshops, such as art works appreciation, cultural learning, knowledge sharing, kids tutoring, websites design and development, fundraising, etc.



  1. 石头画比赛,义卖
  2. 绘画创作社区交流沙龙,义卖
  3. 艺术展示Box推广:Box制作, 小艺术作品展示,分享,义卖
  4. 摄影比赛,展览
  5. 如一“图书馆”项目
  6. 如一公益网站功能拓展编程优化项目

Ruyee Teens Connect Events